What Is PlaX?

PlaX creates stunning, laser-cut acrylic wall art with exquisite detailing, colour intensity, and a super high gloss finish.

We call them FacePlates.

Our FacePlates are highly customisable by using our online designer. Simply create, or upload your artwork, and we will do the rest.

We also have a collection of designs ready to go.

Each FacePlate comes with a standard wall mount which is magnetic mounted, meaning they are quick and easy to switch out as your collection grows...which might happen very quickly!

And if you want to go one up, we created the LightBoX. Like the wall mount, the FacePlates magnetically mount to the LightBoX, but with added LED to give you a great backlight, perfect for any room!

And if you go one up from that? Well, let me introduce you to LightBox Pro.

Like the LightBox, it is LED backlit, but this time with added RGB goodness to make it pop. It's not just called Pro for fun; it is remote-controlled and even Alexa and Google Assistant ready. You can also create lighting themes to fit your mood quickly and easily in the downloadable app!

Each FacePlate and LightBoX is meticulously handmade. Pouring all our hard work and love into something we know you will love. 

For the creator, the collector, the gamer, the passionate and the techie, we are PlaX, and we can't wait for you to join the club!